The Comets Culture

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Youth will have the opportunity to learn from experienced coaches, who have been intensively screened, that teach the basic fundamentals of sports in secured facilities. Our primary objective is to provide companionship for youth through the avenue of sports. Mentoring is our passion and God-given purpose. It’s what we do best.

We aim to accomplish this mission in 4 distinct ways:

     FIRST: We welcome and seek out the overlooked athletes to give them an equal opportunity for success and support.

    SECONDLY: Through site-based group mentoring (Coach to Athlete Ratio= 1:5) in team practices, competitions, activities and outings we create a fun environment and start the relationship process by building trust.  This begins with our open circle which is a 10-15 minute forum between our coaches and their athletes. In the circle we discuss our 5 Principles of Safe Community which are:


    • •  Confidentiality: What is said in the circle stays in the circle.

    •   One Person Talks at a Time: When a person is speaking, everyone listens.

    • •  No Such Thing as a Dumb Question: Any question can be asked at anytime.

    • •  No One is Forced to do Anything: Everything is done on a voluntary basis.

    • •  No Put-Downs: We use every opportunity to speak life and build each other up.


    THIRD: While fostering relationships is the central focus, our coaches use “teachable moments” to educate the athletes on two personal skills (IMPULSE CONTROL and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY) to help youth when they’re faced with conflict, disappointment or failure. These “teachable moments” can occur during phone calls, home visits, social media group chats, rides to and from competitions,  and various on and off the field/court situations.

     LASTLY: By integrating youth in high levels of athletic competition and giving them ownership of the sports club this helps to put to test skills learned, have accountability for high expectations and develop decision-making ability.

The end goal for our elite athletes is that they’ll not only have an opportunity to secure a college scholarship but also develop long lasting relationships and become positive contributors to society.